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EARCOME 5 - The Fifth East Asia Regional Conference on Mathematics Education

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Konferenz: The Fifth East Asia Regional Conference on Mathematics Educatio (EARCOME5). Tokyo, Japan. Internet: The Fifth East Asia Regional Conference on Mathematics Educatio

Termin: 18. - 22. August 2010


von der Webseite: East Asia Regional Conference on Mathematics Education (EARCOME) is a series of international conference, which is usually designated as ICMI regional conference, hosted in East Asian countries. The First EARCOME was held in Korea (1998), the second in Singapore (2002), the third in China (2005), and the fourth in Malaysia (2007). Japan to be the host of EARCOME 5 is a decision of representatives from East Asian countries during the period of EARCOME 4. The participants not only from East Asian countries but also from countries around the world are welcome. It is really a worldwide international event for researchers, mathematics educators, school teachers, policy makers and other scholars to share their knowledge among each other. Tokyo is the largest industrial and commercial city in Japan. Many best hotels arranging from 5-star hotels to budget hotels and the National Olympics Memorial Youth Center offering standard service and hospitality, could be your choice for accommodation. The climate of Tokyo is hot and humid in summer. Temperature is usually 33 degree in the daytime and 26 degree at night. Air condition is available for all activities indoor.


“In search of excellence of mathematics education”

(1) Classroom Practice for excellence (2) Assessment for Excellence (3) ICT for Excellence (4) Curriculum Development for Excellence (5) Teacher Education and Development for Exscellence (6) Mathematics and Lifelong Learning


International Program Committee

  • Shizumi Shimizu, Chair of IPC,
  • Frederick K.S. Leung (Hong Kong), ICMI-EC,
  • Toshiakira Fujii (Japan),
  • Maitree Inprasitha (Thailand),
  • Berinderjeet Kaur(Singapore),
  • Shiqi Li (China),
  • Masataka Koyama (Japan),
  • Chap Sam Lim (Malaysia),
  • KyungMee Park (South Korea),
  • Yoshinori Shimizu (Japan)

Advisory Board

  • HeeChan Lew (South Korea),
  • Fou-Lai Lin (Taiwan),
  • Chan Roatch (Cambodia),
  • Peter Sullivan (Australia),
  • Catherine Vistro-Yu (The Philippines),
  • Hiroshi Fujita, Yukihiko Namikawa,
  • Yoshishige Sugiyama,
  • Toshio Sawada,
  • Tadao Nakahara,
  • Akihiro Nozaki,
  • Michimasa Kobayashi,
  • Tomoko Ninomiya (Japan)

Local Organizing Committee

  • Shizumi Shimizu (Chair),
  • Yasuo Morita,
  • Sigeru Iitaka,
  • Takujiro Ochiai,
  • Yoshihiko Hashimoto,
  • Takayuki Kodera,
  • Toshiakira Fujii,
  • Ryosuke Nagaoka,
  • Takayuki Kodera,
  • Hajime Yoshida,
  • Yoshinori Shimizu,
  • Masami Isoda,
  • Masataka Koyama,
  • Yasuhiro Sekiguchi,
  • Keiko Hino,
  • Hiro Ninomiya,
  • Koji Iwata,
  • Hideo Emori,
  • Masakazu Okazaki,
  • Kazuya Kageyama,
  • Hiroyuki Kumakura,
  • Satoru Takahashi,
  • Toshikazu Ikeda,
  • Mikio Miyazaki,
  • Tatsuo Morozumi,
  • Nanae Matsuo.


  • Prof. Gabriele Kaiser (University of Hamburg , Germany) "Chances and Opportunities of International Cooperation in Mathematics Education - What the Eastern and the Western Debate Can Learn from Each Other"
  • Prof. David Clarke (University of Melbourne, Australia) "The Cultural Specificity of Accomplished Practice: Contrasting Conceptions of Excellence"
  • Prof. Shizumi Shimizu (Teikyo University, Japan) "Curriculum Development in Japan: A Historical Perspective"