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CBUW 2012 - Creating Balance in an Unjust World

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Konferenz: Creating Balance in an Unjust World (CBUW 2012). San Francisco, USA. Internet: Creating Balance in an Unjust World

Termin: 13. - 15. Januar 2012


Join educators, parents, students, activists, and community members from around the country for a 3-day conference to explore the connections between math education and social justice. We will explore many questions, challenges, and opportunities to work toward social justice through math education. We invite you to share your thoughts, lesson plans, questions and to be a facilitator for a workshop, interest group, or presentation. Facilitators may choose to present on topics related to math and social justice including equity in education, literacy and social justice, and integrating social issues into the math classroom. Sessions need not be entirely polished presentations as we hope to share ideas in order to build together.


Social justice in the mathematics classroom

  • How can educators integrate social, political, and economic justice issues (ie. prison rates, military recruitment patterns, etc.) into their math classes?
  • What math topics can be explored from a social justice perspective?
  • How do we address these issues while making sure the work is mathematically rigorous?

Mathematics literacy as “gatekeeper”

  • Are ALL students receiving a high quality mathematics education?
  • Why do students need to be mathematically literate?
  • What “gatekeepers” (ie. SAT, graduation exit exams, etc.) are there and how do they affect students’ academic and professional opportunities?
  • What does math literacy look like?


  • What is Ethnomathematics?
  • What isn’t Ethnomathematics?
  • How do we integrate Ethnomathematic lessons, units, theory, etc., into our classes?
  • How do we ensure that the cultures and their mathematics are given equal respect (ie, with no tokenizing of cultures)?


Keynote Speaker