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CARN 2011 - Collaborative Action Research Network

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Konferenz: Collaborative Action Research Network (CARN2011). Wien, Österreich. Internet: Collaborative Action Research Network

Termin: 04. - 06. November 2011


Bringing a different world into existence

The Collaborative Action Research Network (CARN) was founded in 1976. Since that time it has grown to become an international network drawing its members from educational, health, social care, commercial, and public services settings. CARN aims to encourage and support action research projects (personal, local, national and international), accessible accounts of action research projects, and contributions to the theory and methodology of action research. In line with the tradition, we would like to invite academics and practitioners by welcoming a diverse range of contributions, no matter what stage the research is at (from initial ideas through to completed reports and papers). There will also be opportunities to consider methodological issues.


Indicative Themes:

  • AR for unity and diversity
  • AR for coping with the challenges of a knowledge society
  • AR and workplace cultures
  • AR in curriculum development, school development, networking and system intervention
  • AR in teacher education and professional development
  • AR and Participatory Research in fields of social work
  • AR in science education, environmental education/education for sustainable development
  • AR in palliative care and in nursing homes
  • AR in health promotionAR and community development
  • AR methodology and methods


Keynote speakers

Theme: Action Research as a Trigger for Innovations
Theme: Action Research as a Trigger for Innovations
Theme: Action Research and Science Education
Theme: Action Research and Palliative Care