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ICMI Study 21 Conference - International Commission on Mathematical Instruction Study 21 Conference

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Konferenz: International Commission on Mathematical Instruction Study 21 Conference (ICMI Study 21 Conference). São Paulo, Brasilien. Internet: International Commission on Mathematical Instruction Study 21 Conference

Termin: 16. - 20. September 2011


ICMI Study-21 is a Study commissioned by the Executive Committee (EC) of The International Commission on Mathematical Instruction (ICMI). It was announced at the 11th International Congress on Mathematical Education (ICME-11) held in Monterrey, Mexico in July 2008. The ICMI EC appointed an International Programme Committee (IPC) responsible for conducting the study on behalf of ICMI as well as two co-chairs, Mamokgethi Setati (South Africa) and Maria do Carmo Domite (Brazil).

ICMI Study-21 on “Mathematics Education and Language Diversity” is designed to enable researchers and practitioners around the world to share research, theoretical work, projects descriptions, experiences and analyses. As described in the Discussion Document, it will consist of two components:the Study Conference and the Study Volume.

The aims of ICMI Study-21 are:

  1. To gather together a community of researchers who are currently addressing issues of language diversity as they relate to mathematics education;
  2. To reflect on the current state of research on these issues and propose a research agenda for the future;
  3. To disseminate findings from research to date and issues for future work to the wider mathematics education research community and to practitioners.

ICMI Study-21 seeks to understand the relationship between different facets of language diversity and mathematics learning and teaching. And consider implications for mathematics classroom practices to apply to successfully teach mathematics to learners who are still in the process of learning English.





Proceedings are cited as (2011). In M. Setati, T. Nkambule & L. Goosen (Eds). Proceedings of the International Commision on Mathematical Instruction Study 21 Conference: Mathematics and language diversity. Sào Paulo, Brazil: ICMI.