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CRUME 2010 - Conference on Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education

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Konferenz: Conference on Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education (CRUME 2010). Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. Internet: Conference on Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education

Termin: 25. - 28. Februar 2010


von der Webseite: The conference is a forum for researchers in collegiate mathematics education to share results of research addressing issues pertinent to the learning and teaching of undergraduate mathematics. The conference is organized around the following themes: results of current research, contemporary theoretical perspectives and research paradigms, and innovative methodologies and analytic approaches as they pertain to the study of undergraduate mathematics education.


Program for the Special Interest Group of the Mathematical Association of America on Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education:

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Program Committee Chairperson

Stacy Brown, Pitzer College Kontakt:

Local Organizer

Karen Keene, North Carolina State University Kontakt: mailto:

Conference Planning Committee

Jason Belnap , Brigham Young University Kontakt:

Natasha M Speer, University of Maine Kontakt:

Stacey Brown, Pitzer College Kontakt:

Allison Toney, University of North Carolina, Wilmington Kontakt:

Hope Gerson, Brigham Young University Kontakt:

Joe Wagner, Xavier University Kontakt:

Karen Allen Keene (Local Organizer), North Carolina State University Kontakt:

Keith Weber, Rutgers University Kontakt:

Jessica Knapp, Pima Community College Kontakt:

Aaron Weinberg, Ithaca College Kontakt:

Karen Marrongelle, Portland State University Kontakt:

Michelle Zandieh (Past Program Chair),Arizona State University Kontakt:

Jenn Christian-Smith, University of Texas at Austin Kontakt:

Sean Larsen, Portland State University Kontakt:


Plenary Speakers:

Dr. Robert Beichner, North Carolina State University, North Carolina, USA

Dr. David Bressoud, Macalester University, Minnesota, USA

Dr. Adrian Simpson, Durham University, United Kingdom

Dr. Patricio Herbst, University of Michigan, Michigan, USA

Dr. Uri Treisman, University of Texas, Texas, USA

Dr. Michael Gage