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EPISTEME 4 - 4th International Conference to Review Research on Science, Technology and Mathematics Education

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Konferenz: Fourth international conference to review research on Science, Technology and Mathematics Education (epiSTEME-4). Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (TIFR) Mumbai, Indien. Internet: Fourth international conference to review research on Science, Technology and Mathematics Education

Termin: 05. - 09. Januar 2011


The epiSTEME conferences occupy a unique position as they bring together researchers in science, technology and mathematics education in an interdisciplinary exchange. Research in STME is inspired by cognitive, pedagogical, historical, philosophical and socio-cultural aspects of the sciences.

The name epiSTEME connotes, at one level, a systematic study of knowledge, while as an acronym it suggests a meta-view of science, technology and mathematics education. epiSTEME 4 conference will include review talks, paper and poster sessions and group discussions.


Strand 1. Historical, Philosophical and Socio-cultural Studies of STM: Implications for Education

Theme 1: History and Philosophy of STM

Theme 2: Socio-cultural and Gender Issues in STME

Theme 3: Science and Technology Studies

Strand 2. Cognitive and Affective Studies of STME

Theme 1: Visuo-spatial Thinking

Theme 2: Knowledge Representation

Theme 3: Language and Learning

Theme 4: Problem Solving, Learning and Reasoning

Strand 3. Curriculum and Pedagogical Studies in STME

Theme 1: Assessment and Evaluation

Theme 2: Role of ICT in Teaching-Learning

Theme 3: Classroom Interaction and Discourse

Theme 4: Affective Aspects of Learning

Theme 5: Professional Development of Teachers

Theme 6: Educational Initiatives and Innovations


Local academic commitee

H. C. Pradhan (Chair)

Vijay Singh

Jayashree Ramadas

S. C. Agarkar

Chitra Natarajan

Sugra Chunawala (Convenor)

K. Subramaniam

Savita Ladage

G. Nagarjuna

Rekha Vartak

Local organizing committee

Jayashree Ramadas

Chitra Natarajan

K. Subramaniam

Madhavi Gaitonde

Savita Ladage

Aniket Sule

Sugra Chunawala (Convenor)

Vijay D. Lale

Meena Kharatmal